Contemplating boy

Contemplating boy
Fujifilm Velvia (expired 8-2006)

Inside Crown Hill Cemetery, as you go up what turns out to be the highest hill in Indianapolis, you find the graves of some of our city’s most prominent and wealthy citizens. The markers can be elaborate, sometimes even gaudy.

This statue of a kneeling boy sits on a concrete bench marked “Home Sweet Home.” No name is given. It’s unusual for this part of the cemetery. I’ve always wondered this statue’s story.

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single frame: Contemplating boy



7 thoughts on “single frame: Contemplating boy

  1. Well done. Just the right contrast, tonalities, resolution and depth of focus to bring out the essential characteristics of the subject. Of course, the intense and rather unusual color is what initially grabs attention, but everything in the image works well together.

  2. Cemeteries have “features”. Usually statues. The features are to dress up the cemetery. I used to work at a cemetery funeral home, so I think that’s what the little boy is. He’s a bit of an uncommon one, beautiful color.

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