Autumn display

Autumn display
Fujifilm Velvia (expired 8-2006)

I took the Yashica-12 and a roll of the original Fujifilm Velvia to Crown Hill Cemetery to photograph some autumn color.

A friend sent me this roll of Velvia a few years ago. It’s the original Velvia, code RVP, expired since August of 2006 but always stored frozen. I’d forgotten about it until the fridge in the garage died. It was where I stored my film.

The Velvia had been on my mind ever since. I hoped to bring it out at autumn’s peak, but wow has life been busy. I had a three-hour window one Saturday what turned out to be two weeks before peak. I loaded the Velvia into the Yashica-12 and headed for Crown Hill Cemetery.

All week I’ll share single frames from that roll.

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3 responses to “single frame: Autumn display”

  1. Martin Cutrone Avatar

    Gotta love that Velvia!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yes you do!

  2. […] I made this at Crown Hill Cemetery on the day I shot a roll of Fujifilm Velvia there. […]

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