Updated: Tips for buying vintage film cameras on eBay

Olympus Trip 35

I’ve updated my post of tips for buying vintage film cameras on eBay. Check it out here.

You know how it can be buying a camera you can’t touch or test. There are so many pitfalls. I’ve experienced them all, and my hope is that by sharing what I’ve learned, you can avoid them. So do have a look, here.


2 responses to “Updated: Tips for buying vintage film cameras on eBay”

  1. Marc Beebe Avatar

    I despair of on-line buying, especially used goods. For one thing Ebay Canada is just Ebay USA with added import and shipping fees: rarely do you find something that comes from somewhere in Canada (Amazon.ca has the same problem). Sometimes they generously exclaim “no additional import duties!” – this is because they’re charging $100 shipping on a $30 item.
    Besides, you can’t make good use of Zen when buying on-line. You have to stick to logic and cynicism, which isn’t as fun as ‘feeling’ the purchase is right.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’ve heard this complaint about eBay.ca before. I’m sorry it’s got these challenges.

      I understand about the Zen of buying. I used to buy all of my old cameras in person and liked being able to pick it up and try it and feel it before I decided.

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