8 thoughts on “Updated review: Kodak Monitor Six-20

  1. -N- says:

    Great pictures, and as others have said, that picket fence is really lovely. If you plan to use your camera again, here is a link to make 120 usable in a 620 camera: https://www.lomography.com/magazine/178618-how-to-modify-120-film-for-a-620-film-camera, as well as a 3D printer spool for 120 film on a 620 spool: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:44749.

    Like you, I enjoy folders. They have such a lovely quality, and they are fun to use – you have to think a bit and slow down – which I find to be a luxury I truly enjoy – time!

    • Thank you! I’m going to give respooling 120 a go. I have a bunch of 620 spools here and I have a dark bag, and respooling doesn’t look that hard. I resisted it for a long time and now I’m not sure why.

      I’ve loved old folders since I started collecting as a boy. The most challenging thing, I find, is finding one with good bellows. The next most common challenge is bad shutter linkage, on cameras that have that. I’m developing a few basic repair skills that apply especially well on folders. Maybe that’s were I need to take my collection now.

      • -N- says:

        I am sure you have heard of Certo6 (Jurgen Kreckel). He does repairs and I have a number of folders I have boughten from him, none of which have failed to please. Personally, I shy away from repairs just because I don’t like that kind of fiddly work, so having a good repair person is so important. Sometimes I wish there were repair schools!

        • Oh yes, he’s very well known. I generally don’t like fiddly work either and there’s a real limit on what I’m willing to do. But if I can do some easy repairs to get an old folder basically working, then I can put a roll through it to find out if I like it. If I like it enough, then it’s worth paying a pro to overhaul it!

        • -N- says:

          Makes sense to me. Some of my favorite cameras – not folders generally – have been gotten for a song. These days I am having a total love affair with film but have vowed NO MORE cameras. So, my husband 3D printed a 6×6 pinhole camera which I plan to use pretty soon!!

        • That sounds like fun!

          I’ve dramatically slowed my rate of buying cameras. Reviews have become the cornerstone of this blog so I’ll keep at it, but more and more I just want to shoot my favorite cameras.

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