Updated review: Pentax ME

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At last, I have rewritten my review of the Pentax ME, a compact 35mm SLR and easily the film camera I shoot most often. I just love this little guy. Read the review here.

Pentax ME


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  1. traveller858 Avatar

    Oh boy. Every time you speak about your love for the Pentax ME takes me back to my youth. Like a great many folks I started my photography with simple Kodak point and shoot cameras. Stick the cartridge or cassette in and away you go. However, when I bought my first 35mm it was a Pentax ME Super. I thought I was the owner of the best camera in the world at that time. Now many (too many) years on I still think so fondly of those days shooting “a 35mm” camera. Oh sweet memories.
    Thanks for taking me back Jim.


    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The ME Super is a wonderful first SLR. I’m happy to have reconnected you with those good memories!

  2. Regan Pinkston Avatar
    Regan Pinkston

    I am a younger photographer and I am looking for a starter camera. I love photoghraphy!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The Pentax ME is a solid choice. Another good choice is a Nikon N55/60/65 as they work like a DSLR so the learning curve won’t be steep.

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