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On Saturday, I round up the blog posts I liked most from around the Internet all week.

💻 Om Malik writes a useful essay about the juxtaposition between big tech companies that might not have your best interest at heart with how much more convenient big tech has made our lives. Read Big Tech & people: a complicated relationship of convenience

Kodak Retinette II, Agfa Vista 200, 2019.

💻 Most movies are shot at 24 frames per second (fps). That’s a holdover from the old days of film. In this digital era filmmakers can shoot at whatever frame rate their hardware supports. The movie Gemini Man was shot at a whopping 120 fps. Film nerd John Scalzi tells us whether this was worth the trouble or not. Read Thoughts on Gemini Man, and its High Frame Rate

💻 A beer brewer has figured out how to make bottles out of paper. This has caused Nick Gerlich to consider the environmental impact of beer packaging. Read Walking On Glass

💻 Maria Popova found a 1933 copy of Edgar Allen Poe’s book Tales of Mystery and Imagination with some outstanding illustrations that you’ve just got to see. Read Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Rare, Arresting Illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe’s Short Stories by the Irish Stained Glass and Book Artist Harry Clarke

📷 If you’re curious about the Purple film from Lomography, Kathleen Johnson has some advice for you about how to make the most of it. Read Lomo Purple Revisited: Lessons Learned Part II

📷 Shaun Nelson shares his experience with the Camerhack FCK127, a light-tight device that cuts 120 film to 127 size and spools it onto a 127 spool. He then puts a roll so cut into his Kodak Baby Brownie and takes it for a spin. Read 127 Film & The Kodak Baby Brownie

📷 Most SLRs have focal-plane shutters, a big, flat curtain that slides horizontally or vertically to expose the film. A few have traditional leaf shutters. Mike Eckman considers the special challenges of designing leaf-shutter SLRs and how manufacturers handled them. Read Keppler’s Vault 48: Leaf Shutter Reflex


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