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On Saturday I share links to all the blog posts I liked best since last Saturday.

💻 Photos from photo booth tended to be throwaway items. Katherine Griffiths collects the ones that managed to survive. This week she shared a photo booth photo that perfectly captured the simple friendship of two girls. Read Pals

Pentax ME, 80-200mm f/4.5 SMC Pentax-M, Kodak Portra 400, 2019.

💻 “The more we fear, the more vulnerability we feel. The more vulnerable we feel, the more fear we feel. It’s a vicious feedback loop,” says Johanna Rothman. Courage, she says, is taking a step that breaks that loop. Read How Can You Use Your Fear Or Vulnerability To Create Courage

💻 The lead guitarist of the band Queen, Brian May, is an avid stereo photographer. This is a method of creating 3-D imagery using two photos of a subject from slightly different angles. Stephen Dowling got to interview him about it and even made a stereo image of May using May’s stereo gear on Dowling’s own film camera. Read Single Frame: Brian May, in stereo

📷 Tom Sebastiano reviews the Contax S2, a classic metal, mechanical SLR that was built well after the metal, mechanical era had ended: 1992. Read Camera review: The Contax S2, “Simple is Best”


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