5 thoughts on “Updated review: Kodak Signet 40

    • The 30/50/80 were so weird looking. The 40 is the best looking of the four. Despite the 35 being by name part of the series, it has always felt like an entirely different beast to me.

      • Curiously the 35 was the first in the series: Kodak 35 (mm) camera. The variations came later, with the 30 being a cheaper version and the 40-50-80 progressively more expensive. For solid shooting the 35 & 40 are the best. The 80 was frankly somewhat fragile.

        • Didn’t the 80 try to be a system camera with interchangeable lenses (or just front elements)? I tried a 35 and didn’t like it much. Really, the 40 is a nice camera for its time.

        • Right again. That was one of the problems with the 80. The Signet 35 was an evolution of the Kodak 35 and retained some of its primitive function and design. The 40 was supposed to be a replacement for it, with more sophisticated styling and smoother operation, but the 35 kept selling because it had such a good rep.

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