Suspension bridge

The Wheeling Suspension Bridge closed to vehicular traffic on September 20. It will be closed for at least a year, say officials with the West Virginia Department of Transportation.

Too many vehicles heavier than the posted 2-ton weight limit have been crossing the bridge, according to Secretary of Transportation Byrd White. “People just ignore” the posted weight-limit signs, he said.

Suspension bridge

The bridge was closed for several weeks over the summer after a bus crossed it and then got stuck under a barrier entering Wheeling. The bridge was inspected, and some damage was found to the structure.

The bridge was repaired and new barriers were installed to block large vehicles, but vehicles over the weight limit kept crossing the bridge.

Suspension bridge

The Department of Transportation hopes to rehabilitate the bridge during its closure. They will reevaluate whether to allow vehicular traffic again at that time.

The bridge remains open to walkers and bicyclists.

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5 responses to “National Road news: Wheeling Suspension Bridge closed for at least a year”

  1. retrocrank Avatar

    Thanks for posting this news. It’s beautiful bridge, I’ve driven it many times – in an MG, not even of average vehicle weight.
    It’s too bad that a century ago we yielded our urban and suburban streets to automobiles, making pedestrians and bicycles second-rate citizens when it comes to the use of public thoroughfares. This bridge dates to 1856; vehicles over a ton weren’t even considered. Given the destruction that the automotive/consumerist culture we live in is causing, perhaps it’s time to let this bridge go back to its original duties.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The people on Wheeling Island, I’m sure, hope it reopens to vehicles. With the bridge closed, they have to go well out of their way to get into Wheeling. But I hear your point.

  2. M.B. Henry Avatar

    What a gorgeous bridge. :) Hope they are able to fix it up nice! (and that people listen to the signs from now on)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Here’s hoping! I’d hate to see it permanently closed to traffic. It will make it so much more complicated to drive the National Road from end to end.

      1. M.B. Henry Avatar

        And much less pretty, I imagine!

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