Updated review: Canon Canonet 28

I dug through the archives to find some never-before-shown photos I made with my Canonet 28, a 35mm rangefinder camera. See my updated review here.

Canonet 28


3 responses to “Updated review: Canon Canonet 28”

  1. Photography Journal Blog Avatar

    Nice, I looked through your review again because I have inherited one of these through my family. I’ve not developed any film yet, but I do like the feel of it.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It’s a nice shooter. It takes a 625 battery which, at least here in the States, isn’t something you can buy at the drug store anymore. But a quick pop onto Amazon and you’re good.

      1. Photography Journal Blog Avatar

        Yup Amazon the UK version had one, since my local store did not.

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