Today, just some photographs of horses we met while at Shaker Village. I have little experience with horses. When I was a boy I sat on one once. We were on some farm for some reason and the farmer had a truly enormous horse. I was hoisted up onto its back, and was slightly frightened by the height. I suspect this has shaped my attitude towards these beasts ever since.

But the fellow in the first photograph below sauntered right up to me and with the greatest gentleness used his muzzle to unfold my left hand to see if anything was in it for him. There wasn’t, but he seemed not in the least disturbed. He hung out with Margaret and me for a few minutes and then went on to grazing the grass.

Draft horses
Draft horses
Draft horses
Grazing horses
Grazing horses
Grazing horses

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Horse country

Just some photos of horses today.


6 thoughts on “Horse country

  1. I may have had one or two more horse experiences than you did, but with the same result.

    My mother used to tell stories about the two horses on her family’s farm when she was little. One was blind and the other was crazy. Her father could not have been happier when they were replaced by a Ford tractor.

    • I don’t know why, but this reminds me of an ad for …something… I saw as a teenager with a photo of a very long horse captioned, “Henry Ford didn’t set out to create a four-passenger horse.”

  2. Greg Clawson says:

    Great job Jim! I love the light on the horse, it really makes the muscles stand out.
    My experience with horses was similar to yours, except I fell off.

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