9 thoughts on “Updated review: Olympus OM-1

  1. I love my OM-1. It’s away being serviced at present, which has cost me £70 for the priviledge, and for which I could probably have bought another body OM-1 body. But mine has had a battery voltage conversion and there’s no guarantee that a replacement body might not have its own faults. It’s one of the cameras that I feel is definitely worth the cost of maintenance when something goes wrong.

    • £70 for an OM-1 service is a bargain! And then your camera will be like new.

      I’ve become a big fan of having good old cameras serviced, even when replacement bodies go for very little — if for no other reason that there really is a limited supply of any particular body.

  2. Lovely camera. My Dad had one, and comparing one of his images with one I made with my cheaper camera, (I think it was a Praktica) was something of a revelation at the time. In the end I moved up to the Yashica TL Electro X, and then to the Contax 139 Quartz, a system I still use!

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