2 thoughts on “Updated review: Kodak Retina Reflex IV

  1. That last of the Retina Reflex line is an odd duck. It was the most expensive and the best selling. The odd part is that the IV model commonly came with the four-element Xenar while the simpler first model had the same spectacular six-element Xenon lens as the Retina rangefinders. I suspect that the IV model had a more durable prism than the first model as I have not seen any complaints about the IV as with the first model which always shows some deterioration. I replaced the nearly opaque prism in my first model Retina Reflex with a prism from a Minolta XG1 and it is now one of my great favorite shooters.

    • I was just gifted a Retina Reflex III so I’ll see how it compares. I no longer have this IV so I’ll have to go on memory. My IV was in poor condition but the gifted III seems to work fairly smoothly, so perhaps I’ll have a better experience with it.

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