Recommended reading

💻 Tucked away within the confluence of US 31W, US 41, and I-65 near Goodlettsville, TN, you’ll find two 1830s stone bridges on an old stagecoach pike. Adam Prince shows them to you. Read Louisville and Nashville Turnpike Stone Bridges, Goodlettsville, TN

Pentax ME, 35mm f/2.8 SMC Pentax-A, Film Washi S, 2019.

💻 Om Malik likens the serious dropoff in camera sales to the serious dropoff in computer server sales some years ago: the nature of what the thing is for is changing dramatically, leading to shifts in what people buy. Read Camera sales are falling sharply

💻 I love it when J. P. Cavanaugh writes about jazz, as he did this week. He showcases Charlie Parker and Coleman Hawkins, and tells a little about Hawkins’ life. Read Coleman Hawkins (With Charlie Parker) – Bean & Bird Blend In A Ballad

📷 Dmitri shares a comprehensive guide to using the original folding Polaroid SX-70 camera. Interestingly, he keeps comparing this to large-format photography. Read Polaroid Land SX-70: The Most Comprehensive Instant Camera and Film Guide Online

📷 I don’t know where he found it, but Mike Eckman found it nevertheless: a Russian SLR that takes 16 millimeter film! He gives it his usual incredibly thorough review. Read KMZ Narciss


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