Updated review: Kodak Six-20

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It may be gorgeous, but it always made only so-so images for me. It’s the Kodak Six-20, a folding camera for 620 film made between 1932 and 1937. See my updated review here.

Kodak Six-20


7 responses to “Updated review: Kodak Six-20”

  1. Stuart Templeton Avatar

    Interesting Stuff – I have quite a lot of 120 and 620 folders but I’ve never run a film through any of them – I think I may even have on of these.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It’s interesting to see what a camera like this is capable of. This one, I would not make a frequent shooter. It’s too crude for me.

      1. Stuart Templeton Avatar

        I bet you got some good looks when you had this out on a tripod though :-D

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          Strange looks, to be sure.

          With a different camera I had on a tripod I was in a neighborhood with shops and restaurants and had a couple proprietors come out and demand to know what the hell I was doing. I never get that when I shoot handheld.

          1. Stuart Templeton Avatar

            Ah – you must have look to professional! :-D

  2. Marc Beebe Avatar

    The best thing to do with one of these is set it on a shelf and enjoy the art deco style. They’re not much for taking pictures. (I had the 616 version and it wasn’t any better.)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I did just that with mine for several years. I sold it last year sometime.

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