Recommended reading

💻 Kurt Munger‘s dad happened to be on the set of a Western in 1958 with a camera. Kurt shares some Kodachromes from the day, with stills from the movie shot at about the same time. Read Behind the scenes of the 1958 Western; Buchanan Rides Alone

Pentax K10D, 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 SMC Pentax-DA AL, 2019

💻 Did you know that Walmart is eyeing starting its own cryptocurrency? Jeffrey Minch tells why this is a powerful, brilliant move on their part. Read Walmart Cryptocurrency, the Walmart Coin

💻 Claire Lew has some practical tips for building a better work relationship with your boss. Read Managing up

💻 Have you ever wanted to meet someone you’ve admired, even though they’re famous? Ken Levine tells about the time he did just that — by looking him up in the phone book and just calling him. Read You never know who you’ll find

💻 It’s shocking, really, the times we live in, the events we see in the news. How far down the scale can we slide? But N. S. Palmer advises us to believe in the future anyway. Because people believing in it is the only way a better future can become real. Read Believe in the Future

📷 Mark Beebe with a lesson on how color works in photography. Read Hooray for the Red, Green, and Blue

📷 I am a Pentaxian, so Josh Solomon‘s great article about the essential Pentax cameras to own really resonated with me. Read The Essentials — A Guide to the Best of Pentax’s Camera Systems


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