Eastbound on IL 64

Illinois 64
Pentax K10D, 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SMC Pentax-DA AL

We lost Margaret’s mom last week. The funeral was yesterday.

JoAnne Joyce was 90. She wasn’t ill; it was just her time. She leaves behind a husband of 63 years, eight children, 25 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren.

Margaret and I got away last weekend, impromptu. We drove straight to her hometown of St. Charles, Illinois. We saw the house she grew up in, and we walked the town’s lovely main street. It was good to reconnect with her past as she faces a future without her mom.

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single frame: Illinois 64



6 thoughts on “single frame: Illinois 64

  1. It is funny, no matter how much you expect it and think you’re ready for it, the death of someone close still hits hard. Or at least deaths of that sort have in my life. We are deeply sorry for loss you both are going through.

  2. DougD says:

    I’m sorry Jim and Margaret. What a blessing to be 90 and not ill, but no matter a loved one’s age, it still sucks when they go.

    Nice that you both could get some time away.

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