Jct 52

Every year on my birthday I write about growing older. But 52 isn’t that old.

It’s twice as old as 26, which is about the median age of the software engineers who work for me. I feel twice their age as I notice their youthful good looks and see them struggle through things I mastered long ago. I miss my youthful good looks but would not unlearn these valuable life skills to get them back.

As the rest of my 50s unfold I look forward foremost to our children all building independent lives. I’m eager to see what they choose and whether it brings them joy and satisfaction. I am eager for Margaret and I to turn our attention toward the life we want to build for ourselves, and to enjoy our children and grandchildren.


13 thoughts on “52

  1. Brendan Norris says:

    Happy birthday Jim , my mums birthday is also today , she’s 83 and still enjoying life , so enjoy the celebrations and long life ahead

  2. DougD says:

    Happy Birthday Jim, I have a 3 month head start on you, 52 isn’t bad so far.

    I hope you and yours enjoy many successes and less headaches this year.

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