4 thoughts on “Updated review: Canon AF35ML

  1. DougD says:

    Heh. I think I went to a wedding where someone brought one of these. They shot their last photo of the bride at the back of the church and she came down the aisle to the screech of the auto winder… :P

    • The rewind was just as loud and lasted twenty seconds or whatever it took to get to the beginning of the roll. That would be the perfect sound to accompany a bride down the aisle!

  2. I’ve owned three AF35MLs and much prefer them over any other point-and-shoot. I bought one in the early 80s, which I gave to my oldest son to take on his honeymoon. Then I bought one for my wife, which she used until switching to a digital P&S, Then finally, I inherited one from my Dad, which is the one I kept because the ASA (ISO) dial goes to 800 instead of 400. I still have film in it, which I should shoot up and get processed!

    The snap-buzzzz of the auto-wind never bothered me at all — just a business-like sound to me.

    • It’s really not a bad sound, but given that later P&S cameras toned it way down, it just makes this camera’s noise a surprise. This camera has a fine lens that makes it quite capable, and still a good choice today.

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