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On this first Saturday in August, enjoy this roundup of the best blog posts I found all week.

💻 Who knew that informally gathering with people you enjoy — just hanging out — was so important to our well being? David Cain did, and he explains how. Read Hanging Out is Essential To Our Health

Nikon N90s, 50mm f/1.8 AF Nikkor, Ilford HP5 Plus, 2019.

💻 Have you ever wanted to be someone who regularly gives talks in public? Chelsea Troy figured out how to get regular speaking gigs. As a software developer, she naturally talks about technology topics. But that’s only the beginning of how she narrowed down her niche. Read Speaking, Part 1: Identifying a Speaking Niche

📷 Theo Panagopolous wrote a great review of Nikon’s FM2n 35mm SLR. Could this be the perfect Nikon body for everyday film shooting? Read Nikon FM2n — Small and tough

📰 What is yum-yum sauce and how is it on the path to be the next great American condiment? Writing for NPR, Oliver Whang has the story. Read Yum Yum Sauce: The Making Of An American Condiment


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