My main camera on our trip to New Harmony was, as often happens, my little Canon PowerShot S95. I did take a film camera, my Olympus XA2, loaded with Ultrafine Xtreme 100. But it simply turned out not to be a black-and-white weekend. I shot but nine frames. In contrast, I made 175 photos with the S95.

This is New Harmony’s Main Street. It’s perpendicular to the road that you have to use to enter New Harmony, which is Church Street and also State Road 66.

Around New Harmony

We got a spectacular sunset that night. In the shadowy foreground is the Lenz House, built in about 1820. Read a little bit about it here. That page mentions the Harmonists, a group that tried and failed to build a utopian society here.

Sunset over the Lenz House

Here’s one photo I made with my iPhone 6s. We were walking back to the house we’d rented after dinner one night when a fellow invited us to a jam session. We were surprised that it involved mostly cellos and violins! A guitarist later joined.

Jam session with cellos

I shared these two photos in my post about the Roofless Church.

The Roofless Church
The Roofless Church

A double log cabin — two cabins sharing a conjoining covered deck — provides this view. It’s on the same property as the Lenz house.

Lenz house property

Finally, a lovely yellow flower.

Yellow bloom

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4 responses to “Favorite photos from New Harmony”

  1. J P Avatar

    So what kind of music did you get from a jam session of cellos? I just wondered if they played traditional harmonies or new ones.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      It was kind of bluegrassy music, a little. Well done and fun to hear.

  2. Bsb Avatar

    There used to be a very nice inn in New Harmony Indiana that was a decorated with
    shaker style furnishings. There was also a very good restaurant called the Red Geranium. Do either still exist?

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Both are still there! We had dinner at the Red Geranium one of the nights we were there.

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