The Episcopalians had this place built, but it’s a place for all believers. Services are not held here on Sunday; you are invited to worship here or seek quiet contemplation whenever you like. Ater all, the sky above is the only roof large enough to cover all of God’s followers.

Designed by architect Philip Johnson and featuring a sculpture by Jacques Lipchitz under a shingled parabolic dome, The Roofless Church opened in 1960. You’ll find it in New Harmony, Indiana, on the town’s northernmost east-west street.

The Roofless Church
The Roofless Church
The Roofless Church
The Roofless Church
The Roofless Church
The Roofless Church
The Roofless Church

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6 responses to “The Roofless Church”

  1. Dan James Avatar

    Wow that’s uncharacteristically blingy for a church! What are the golden objects made from (I suspect not gold or they’d have cost a fortune!)

    The spot on the stone benches overlooking the lake looks a lovely tranquil place for contemplation.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Yeah, the “gold” stands out. Could be real, might not be, who knows. But the whole place is one of quiet contemplation.

  2. jon campo Avatar
    jon campo

    Yes, Episcopalians tend to be pretty elegant. If you ever find yourself in New England, there is a similar, if more humble Church in New Hampshire, Cathedral of the Pines. It’s very moving and they also hold services if you happen to be there on Sunday. It’s a very special place for me.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Oh that’s awesome. I looked it up, it looks wonderful.

  3. Pat F Chase Avatar
    Pat F Chase

    Jane Humble Owen might have had a lot to do with the building of this facility.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar


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