Penn Park

Penn Park
Nikon Nikkormat EL, 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5 Zoom Nikkor
Foma Fomapan 100

When you photograph the world as you experience it, as I do, the places you get to go open you up to new photographic subjects. Sometimes they even provide a seldom-seen view into the world.

I park in a parking garage Downtown right next to the building in which I work. As a man of routine, I drive by open spots every morning to park in this one area at the back of the garage where Level 3 starts to become Level 4. There’s almost always an open spot there. At the end of the workday I never have to try to remember where I parked.

This is the view from there, down an alley called Court Street. How many people ever drive or walk down this alley? Not a fraction as many as drive down Pennsylvania St., down there at the end of the alley. The Penn Park garage announces itself, as it does here, to a relatively small number of people who work Downtown. It’s an exclusive club of sorts, the people who even know those words exist.

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Film Photography

single frame: Penn Park



7 thoughts on “single frame: Penn Park

  1. A familiar view! I have walked Court Street many times between Penn Park and the City County Building a block over.
    That was my go-to parking garage into the early 90s before my office moved downtown.


    • I haven’t figured out yet whether I prefer color to b/w. Maybe? Anymore I just put something in the camera and go looking for subjects that suit that particular film.


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