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This is just a gem of a camera, especially when you consider it’s pushing 60 years old and offers no focusing or exposure help to the photographer. Read my updated review here.

Pentax H3

Updated review: Pentax H3


2 thoughts on “Updated review: Pentax H3

  1. I hear you re: “going bare” (no in-camera metering) – for the past few months I’ve been primarily using non-metered all-manual cameras (including the Vito II), and really find it enjoyable. I’ve been trying to hone my sense of lighting/exposure and so have also been trying to leave the LunaPro in my pocket. Not always successful but it’s surely a rewarding approach when I get good looking negatives.


    • I have in the back of my head a project to use only a unmetered camera for 3 or 6 months, guessing exposure myself, to improve my abilities at that. It would make shooting lots of my old cameras so much easier!


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