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‘Cause it’s a good day for payin’ your bills
And it’s a good day for curin’ your ills,
So take a deep breath and throw away your pills
‘Cause it’s a good day from mornin’ till night

iiiiiiice cream

📷 Olli Thompson introduces us to the work of photographer Lu Nan, through a review of his book, Trilogy. Read Photobook — Lu Nan, Trilogy

📷 Kosmo Foto Mono film is now out in 120. I have three rolls waiting for a good day to start shooting. Shaun Nelson beat me to it and gives a good preview of this film’s capabilities. Read Kosmo Foto Mono 120

💻 Even though he’s a Trump supporter, Jeff Minch doesn’t agree that journalism is the enemy of the people. Indeed, he supports journalism, especially when it brings down someone who does bad things. Read When Journalists Do Their Job


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