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It’s a good day for shinin’ your shoes,
And it’s a good day for losin’ the blues
Ev’rything to gain and nothin’ to lose,
‘Cause it’s a good day from mornin’ till night

💻 The ever cynical Philip Greenspun asks why Pete Buttigieg isn’t the Democratic front-runner for president. He just might mean it. Read Why isn’t Pete Buttigieg the front-runner among Democrats?

Bank of Indianapolis

💻 M. B. Henry visits Seattle’s famous gum wall — and says you smell it before you see it. Read The Seattle Gum Wall — A Sticky Situation

💻 Arte Johnson died this week. If you grew up in the ’70s as I did, you remember him, as he was always on TV. Mark Evanier watched him in rehearsals for the show Laugh-In and remembers him as a sharp, versatile performer. Read Arte Johnson, R.I.P.

📷 Mike Connealy makes some truly lovely photographs of a famous church in Taos, New Mexico. He rose early to get the best light play. Read The Church of Ansel

📷 Kurt Munger shares some family Kodachromes from 1958 at a horse race. All the men in hats! All the old cars! Read Kodak Moment #15: off to the races at Rialto Park


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  1. I had missed hearing of Arte Johnson’s death. I remember Laugh-In being must-watch TV in its first couple of years. Somewhere in my basement is a Laugh-In LP record from maybe 1969.

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