4 thoughts on “Updated review: Canon T70

  1. Jim,
    If the T70 is like the T90, the lithium battery only controls the LCD display. If it dies the camera will still operate. I have never used the T70, but the T90 is one of the only two Canon’s that I enjoy using. I find I love the lenses but not most of the cameras.

    • I liked the T70 after I got used to it. I am not a giant fan of the Canon lenses though. I mean, if I had to use only this FD 50 for the rest of my life I’d get on with it and be fine but I prefer the look my Pentax and Nikon lenses give me.

  2. analogphotobug says:

    Your reviews and updates are getting ‘dangerous’ . I’m afraid that I might be becoming (OMG) a collector……

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