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We’ve had one of the rainiest springs I can remember. Summer started yesterday; here’s hoping with it comes drier weather. If it’s raining where you are today, or even if it isn’t, sip your coffee or tea and enjoy these blog posts I liked from around the Internet this week.

💻 We Americans have a core belief that people are equal, even though we know we’re really not. Carla Akil does a nice job clarifying in what ways we are actually equal, and how this is the foundation of our national core belief. Read The Basis of Political Equality

Slit tail lights

💻 Over at Curbside Classic, Paul Niedermeyer shares some terrific submitted photos of a hot-rod race in Wales. Read On the Beach — Pendine Sands Vintage Hot Rod Races, Wales, UK

💻 J. P. Cavanaugh with the fascinating story of Charlie Christian, who played electric guitar for Benny Goodman back in the day. Read Rose Room By The Benny Goodman Sextet — Meet Charlie Christian And His E-Lectric Guitar

📷 Alex Luyckx writes the best film reviews on the Internet. This time he tackles Kodak Ektar 100. Read Film Review Blog No. 41 — Kodak Ektar 100


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