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I own cameras I like more, but if I had to keep just one camera it would be this one, the Nikon F3. I enjoy using it, and it’s so robustly built it should outlast me. I’ve refreshed my review of it; read it here.


Last updated on 1 July 2020 by Jim Grey

Updated review: Nikon F3


4 thoughts on “Updated review: Nikon F3

  1. It took owning my third Nikon F3 before I really appreciated the camera. If they had put the FE2 meter display in the F3, it would be one of my all time favorites!

    • The F3’s meter display seems to be the thing most often panned about this camera. It works well enough for me — not brilliantly, just well enough.

  2. The F3HP was my first “serious” camera, almost four decades ago (after playing a few years with some Praktica). A pricey camera then, often used by photojournalists. I have used the F3HP intensively for over ten years, and the camera has never let me down.

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