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I got really lucky when I picked up this all-black Konica C35 Automatic for just $30. They normally go for three times that. It’s a competent camera but lacks the je ne sais quoi of other small 35mm rangefinder cameras, as I explain in my refreshed review here.

Konica C35 Automatic

Updated review: Konica C35 Automatic


5 thoughts on “Updated review: Konica C35 Automatic

  1. Where on Earth do you manage to find the film for these things? :) Your hobby of collecting film cameras was well-established back when I was reading the blog more faithfully 10 years ago, and it was getting rare then! Is someone still in the business of supplying the analog market?


    • The big-box and drug stores all still sell a very limited selection of film. The camera store Downtown sells a lot of films. Online, you can get whatever you want!


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