Updated review: Yashica-D

I’ve significantly revised the review of one of my all-time favorite cameras, the Yashica-D. I just love the feel of its controls and the excellent results its Yashikor lens delivers on any film I put through it. Read the review here.



13 responses to “Updated review: Yashica-D”

  1. Steve Mitchell Avatar

    Nice pictures – I love my Ikoflex 1a, and recently came into some E100G rolls, must give one a try!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I enjoyed every roll of the 5-pack of E100G I bought. I think I shot most, if not all, of it in my Y-D.

  2. Chris and Carol Avatar

    I agree. Most of the Yashica TLRs are not only a great bargain but they deliver excellent images without a lot of fussing around. Another nice choice is the Yashica-Mat EM with a built-in light meter. The meter on mine has been going strong since 1964 but they are a tad bit sensitive so expect most to have inop meters by 2019. Your D was made in 1967, BTW.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Did you look up the lens serial number? I sold the pictured D. Here’s the one I kept.


      I also own a Yashica-12 with a meter, which if memory serves is uncoupled. That -12 was CLAd by Mark Hama.

      1. Chris and Carol Avatar

        I use the body serial number and the taking lens number. This one is from 1964. On the Yashica D during the 1960s the first number after the “D” is the year.

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          Oh cool! That sure makes it easy.

          1. Chris and Carol Avatar

            Of course, all credit goes to the Yashica guru Paul Sokk and his excellent site which can be found at http://www.yashicatlr.com/SerialNumbers.html#serialnumbers
            I’m happy to say that Paul and I have become good friends over the years and I’ve gotten him to “explore” his inner SLR and rangefinder roots. Simply put Paul is a genius when it comes to his research abilities – just don’t tell him I said so! LOL

  3. Chris and Carol Avatar

    Good looking camera – you did well!

    1. tbm3fan Avatar

      The link on serial numbers was interesting for all the information on it. Don’t know how I missed it years ago. Started with Minolta in 1972 and consequently a big fan collecting all that I felt worthwhile. After that I went for Yashica (especially rangefinders & SLRs), Miranda, Topcon, and Ricohflex. The nobodies based on what we have today. Canon, who cares. Now I need to pull my Pentamatic out to narrow down.

      1. Chris and Carol Avatar

        Paul’s research on the Pentamatic is top-notch.

  4. tbm3fan Avatar

    Always wanted a D for my collection but they went beyond what I would pay like the MAT-124. Like you my upper limit in 2000-2005 was $50 which got you some amazing deals. I ended up with a 24 for nothing, an A which I can’t recall, and a MAT which has a 5 digit serial number for the body. Seems to be 1957 based on that Yashica link. All these are in excellent shape as much was back then when they were being dumped on eBay, but not now.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Interesting how cameras cycle through eBay and how their prices change over time. I got so lucky to find my D as I did for $50.

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