Updated review: Minolta Maxxum 9xi

The Minolta Maxxum 9xi is a giant beast of a camera, but it’s supremely competent and capable. Its shutter operates as fast as 1/12,000 sec! Check out my updated review here.

Minolta Maxxum 9xi


11 responses to “Updated review: Minolta Maxxum 9xi”

  1. Aashutosh jha Avatar

    It looks so beautiful

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I always thought it was a strange-looking thing, but you can’t argue that it’s a highly capable camera!

      1. Aashutosh jha Avatar

        Yes of course

  2. tbm3fan Avatar

    Not going to be bought at $22 now.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      You never know. These high-end auto-everything cameras still aren’t that popular on the used market.

      1. tbm3fan Avatar

        I took a look right after I read your story. Nothing anywhere close to that. What was truly ironic is that the Minolta Maxxum 7, Maxxum 9, and the 9xi were far more costly to buy than the equivalent Nikon 8008, 80, 90, and 100. Those three were $150-300 while the Nikons started out under $100 and some by a large margin like my $27 N90 and even less N8008 and N80. The F100 goes beyond my upper limit so I ignore just like the Maxxum 7 which I dearly would like. Oh, ironic again a pristine Maxxum 5 body for $21 and it is a feather so keep a tight grip.

        Minolta made so many different AF cameras, compared to Nikon, one has to think what the heck were they thinking? I feel they made a big mistake in going down that road. I’m a Minolta fan and don’t like any of them (they sell for nothing) except the 7 and 9.

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          Well then that makes you more an expert than me. Crazy that these unloved Minoltas go for that much now.

  3. Victor Villaseñor Avatar
    Victor Villaseñor

    Eeeer…… Its really capable and feature loaded but this section:

    “The more I shot the 9xi, the more out of love I fell with it. The tactile experience was just unremarkable. It was going to need to blow my socks off to offset the camera’s size and weight.”

    Sums it up to me.

    To me, the balance is somewhere between the Maxxum 5 and the Maxxum 7. Depending on your priorities, they are the Minolta AF cameras to have, one is featherweight while speedy, the other has normal weight and is fitted with every function imaginable, even some that have not been used ever since.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’ve heard enough praise for the 5 and 7 that it’s on the back of my mind to try one someday. I think I’d like the 5 more based on your description. The more I shoot, the less I value cool cameras with lots of features I never use.

      1. Victor Villaseñor Avatar
        Victor Villaseñor

        They both have the same AF / Metering, the 7 shutter is faster (1/8000 vs 1/4000), but its really down to the weight difference and UX / ease of use, the 5 is much more fiddly to get something set, and the 7 is more modern, knobs and the such.

        Even with those truckload of functions, the 7 its easier to navigate.

        Keep writing Jim, enjoy every post!

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          Great perspective on the 5 vs the 7! I would almost never need 1/8000 but better UX is always welcome, so now you have me leaning more toward the 7.

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