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The last time I used my Pentax KM, I dropped it on a stone floor. It bent something in the lens mount and now the aperture control on any mounted lens turns stiffly. I’m still heartsick over it. One day, hopefully soon, I’ll send it off for repair. Meanwhile, you can read my updated review of this fine camera here.

Pentax KM

Updated review: Pentax KM


9 thoughts on “Updated review: Pentax KM

  1. Victor Villaseñor says:

    I suggest you dont use it too much in that condition…. I know of a ME Super that took a similar nose dive, the aperture tab in the camera turned stiff and gritty…. until something broke inside, likely the board that reads the aperture position, now it only works in full manual, no metering. I researched a little and to fix it, the whole mirror box needs to be removed from the camera, not a simple task!

  2. Jim, how’s this plan working out of publishing short new posts pointing to updated old reviews? Are you noticing more views of the original review posts?

    • I get anywhere from 60-150 views on the original review each time I do it. That’s not a bad return. It’s not clear whether that effect lasts in any meaningful way though.

        • Theoretically. But how to tell? Do I care to tell? Yet the whole reason I’m updating these reviews is because Google does send people to them and I wanted to increase their value for those readers.

        • Then it’s working! I think including that extra paragraph about other cameras from the same brand or same type is clever too. I might steal that! : )

        • Yes – I’m trying to encourage search-driven visitors to click deeper into the blog. This is the third different way I’ve tried to do that over the last 10 years. Maybe this way will actually work. Generally, search-driven readers get in and get out and don’t come back.

        • Sign of the times. People just want a quick hit (a camera review) then they’re off to find the next one, most likely another camera that’s taking their fancy!

          It definitely works for some of us though, I found yours and Wouter Brandsma’s blog via camera reviews years ago and have stayed ever since…

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