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This is one of those cameras I need to shoot a lot more often. It’s just great. The Nikon N90s (F90X in many markets) remains a great bargain, too. I bought mine for just $27 a few years back. I think they go for more than that now, but still under $100. This camera cost more than a grand when new! Here’s my refreshed review.

Nikon N90s

Updated review: Nikon N90s


6 thoughts on “Updated review: Nikon N90s

  1. tbm3fan says:

    Funny, I got a really clean one 8 weeks ago for exactly $27 for the body. The N80 body I got was $18 and fully functional.

  2. -N- says:

    I have had the N90S for a few weeks now – I cannot say how much I like it! I have a quirky F100, which is great for the G and G-compatible lenses. It’s fun to have such an automated camera that focuses so well – only problem is that going through a roll is really easy. My other AF cameras are digital, but I also have some vintage (70s) SLRs by Nikon, Olympus, and others, along with a box camera (Brillant) and folders, Each camera is such a treasure. However, the N90s pleases me sooooo much that I am afraid I may not play with my other toys often enough!

    • I’m generally not a fan of auto-everything SLRs but the N90s is just charming to use and so capable. I’ve been itching to put more film through it lately.

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