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Are you even reading this introduction?

💻 Scarce things are more valuable, and common things less so. You can create a sense of false scarcity to make a thing seem more valuable. But when that thing is free, how valuable is it really, regardless of its scarcity? Ming Thien ponders it. Read On visual economics and scarcity

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Nikon FA, 35-70mm Zoom Nikkor, Agfa Vista 200, 2019.

💻 An old story of the founder of the Jimmy John’s sandwich shop chain trophy-hunting elephants has been making the rounds of the Internet again. Nick Gerlich saw it too, and asks us to put away the pitchforks for a whole host of reasons. Read Animal Style

📷 Mark O’Brien offers some tips from the trenches for using that old camera you just found or bought. He offers some easy fixes for simple problems and some advice about film and batteries. Read Using Vintage Cameras, Some Tips to Follow

📷 Compact point-and-shoot 35mm cameras are all the rage these days. Pentax’s Espio line offers some strong performers, but they haven’t caught on yet and can still be had at reasonable prices. Phil Harrison, writing for 35mmc, reviews one of the Espios, the 115M. Read The Pentax Espio 115M Gold Mini Review


13 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. I really appreciate your blog entries about “good reads”. Nick Gerlich’s comments regarding the founder of Jimmy Johns should be required reading for those folks who condemn hunting, whether it be for food or trophy.

  2. Andrew Karlson says:

    Hey, where’d the introduction go?!? ;-)

    But seriously, big time introduction fan over here.

  3. peggy says:

    Make that four. I’ve become of reader of Nick Gerlich’s blog because of your Recommended Reading lists, and have traveled down pleasant rabbits holes with many of your other links. Thanks!

  4. Yeh I read the intro, if for no other reason that to see how you’ve tried to make it different each week, and to sense your awkwardness as you do! : )

    Maybe you could have something like a favourite photography quote each week instead of a generic intro (there must be dozens, if not hundreds online to choose from)?

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