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It’s a great big beautiful wonderful incredible super spectacular day, because I’ve digested this week’s best blog posts for you!

💻 If you are a leader, or even a parent, sometimes you have to hold your people accountable to their responsibilities. Dave Bailey offers a useful heuristic for how to do this: the accountability dial, which offers five levels of heat. He writes for startup executives but you can learn from him too. Read How to Manage a Team of Owners

Maker's Mark Distillery
Nikon FA, 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5 AI-s Zoom Nikkor, Arista EDU 200, 2019.

💻 This post is deeply interesting to me because in the five years before taking my current job I worked for startup software companies and was granted stock options. They always felt like a lottery ticket to me, but I couldn’t fully explain why. All I know is that I never made much money on them. Steve Blank explains why in great detail. Read Startup Stock Options — Why A Good Deal Has Gone Bad

📷 I’ve followed N. S. Palmer‘s writings on society and belief systems for years and feel he’s really hit his stride. He draws you in like you’re an old friend, and then uses that as a platform to introduce challenging new ideas. His latest post is a great example. Read How To Be Crazy — Constructively

📷 Peggy Anne reviews the Ricoh KR-10, a circa 1980 35mm SLR that mounts all of your Pentax K-mount lenses. These Ricohs are good performers, if basic in features, and are solid bargains on the used market. Read Ricoh KR-10


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  1. Rick says:

    It’s a great big beautiful wonderful incredible super spectacular day

    Would you say that you have “a happy feeling’ things are going your way?”

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