On a walk

On the walking path
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That’s the building in which I work, there across the pond. My desk is near one of those windows and has an unobstructed water view. I gather that there was some consternation among the longtimers that this prime location went to the new guy.

There’s a walking path all around the pond, accessed through the building’s back doors. With afternoon temperatures in the low 50s now, it’s often just warm enough for a walk. When my schedule allows it, I’ll make two loops of one mile each. The hard part is avoiding the geese, who think this is their turf and hiss at me as I walk by.

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single frame: On the walking path



13 thoughts on “single frame: On the walking path

  1. I have tried to figure out where this is but am stumped. A window looking out on the water might be too much of a daydream temptation for me.

    • Behind the Fashion Mall. As you drive around 465 from the east and approach the Keystone Crossing exit, this building is immediately south of the Interstate. It has the Crowe and Blackboard logos on it.

  2. Jen Keen says:

    Walked that path several times! (We used to be in one of the tall buildings behind the mall, but now we are closer to the Castleton Mall). Definitely lots of goose droppings to dodge, LOL! But what a lovely view!

    • I’ve been in software development for 30 years and so I’ve always been in an office building. The most beautiful one I’ve been in was the first one, 30 years ago. It won architectural awards and sat on a lush campus. It was truly a lovely place. This isn’t as beautiful, but I do enjoy my desk’s pond view.

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