State Theater

Tree blocking the State Theater sign
Minolta SR-T 101, 50mm f/1.7 MC Rokkor PF
Ferrania P30 Alpha

Memo to cities everywhere: stop planting trees near your downtown walkways, as they block clear views of your classic architecture and signage!

This theater in my hometown of South Bend needs an owner and a profitable purpose. It is one of the last two remaining theaters of many that South Bend used to have; read about them here. And see a photo of this theater from when South Bend replaced its main street with a disastrous pedestrian plaza here.

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single frame: Tree blocking the State Theater sign



11 thoughts on “single frame: Tree blocking the State Theater sign

  1. DougD says:

    And such a great sign too! Real light bulbs and stuff.

    We’ve already seen two films at our restored Westdale theatre since it opened. The only quibble I have is that they have an LED marquee sign, but I guess that makes sense when you’re showing three different films each day.

    They Shall Not Grow Old is playing tomorrow at 6:30, wanna go?

    • It’s wonderful that, even though the theater hasn’t found a good, long-term use in 40 years, the sign has been maintained.

      The Palace theater down the street is a going concern again after a renovation and it too used an LED sign. I can’t say I blame them.

  2. Great shot Jim but the tree, that happens to me a lot! Don’t you hate it when you see a great photo op and a tree or a pole blocks it!

      • Jim ha thanks for reminding me of the times I used to spend hours cloning out stuff!! Haven’t done that in years but it’s sure good for your Photoshop skills!

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