Recommended reading

💻 Could it be that millennials are turning out like the rest of us after all, moving to suburbia to raise their families? Nick Gerlich thinks so. Read Mama Said

At the Maker's Mark Distillery
Canon PowerShot S80, 2019.

💻 The family story told in the classic movie The Sound of Music is interesting, but as is so often the case the true story is even more interesting. M. B. Henry has all the details. Read The Real Von Trapps — A Favorite Musical vs. The History

📷 Kurt Munger reviews a relatively compact folding camera for 4×5 plates that was made in about 1906. Read Century Petite No. 1 4×5 Camera


2 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Heide Avatar

    A wee bit late to the party, but … wasn’t M.B. Henry’s piece particularly excellent? Thank you for sharing it with your readers, Jim; she deserves a wide audience.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      That’s what Recommended Reading is all about: widening the audience of every excellent blog I come across!

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