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Bathroom mirror selfies

It was probably a form of escapism from all the crap my family was living through. Or therapy. I think calling it therapy makes it sound healthier somehow, the sheer volume of photographs I took last year. I haven’t counted but I’ll bet I took more photos in 2018 than in any other year.

I had so many cameras going at one time that I was losing track of which camera I used for which roll of film. I started writing notes but I also sometimes made a selfie of myself in the bathroom mirror. That way I’d have a sure record of which camera I used for that roll!

As you can see, I decided to try a very short haircut somewhere during 2018. It was interesting, and I got a lot of compliments the first couple days after I came back from the barber. But it isn’t for me long term and I’m back to growing it out sort of like in the first photo.

Underexposed selfie
Bathroom selfie
Bathroom selfie
Bathroom portrait selfie
Bathroom selfie

21 thoughts on “Bathroom mirror selfies

  1. lol – Brilliant! It’s a good idea actually if you’re using a lot of cameras, I often do it myself too.
    It’s also no bad thing to have this record of yourself, it lets us track who we are, and being BEHIND the lens all the time we don’t often have pictures of ourselves. I did a similar series on myself last year after I decided to grow out my beard and hair. It’s quite interesting to see how much changes.
    Great post!

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  3. DougD says:

    When I dump our digital cameras the first photo I take (or last I leave on) is always a picture of my business card. Especially with the GoPro you never know when someone will find it if it goes missing.
    Or perhaps the thief will at least know who they stole it from :)

    If you take enough of these photos you could make it into a “Jim over time” video.

  4. Heide says:

    Love this series, Jim — what a fun idea! And what a lovely, intimate way to chronicle your collection, too.

  5. Marcus Peddle says:

    Almost all my rolls of film have a photo of me in the apartment elevator mirror. And my cat. Inevitably the cat. I might start using more black and whilte film, so I can claim my hair was blonde, not grey.

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