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From the time they were new I always wanted to try a Polaroid SX-70. It seemed so magical! It took me 41 years to get around to it. I’ve updated my review; read it here.

Polaroid SX-70

Updated review: Polaroid SX-70


17 thoughts on “Updated review: Polaroid SX-70

  1. Dan Cluley says:

    Having used one 15 years ago I still think that from an engineering & design standpoint they are brilliant. As a camera, they are adequate.


  2. I purchased a Polaroid Spectra as the SX-70 (working) is out of my price zone. In some ways the Spectra is a better but forgotten camera. Unfortunately, as you know, the Impossible Project film is no where near the quality of the original Polaroid film.


    • Theo Panagopoulous did a review of his last week where the b/w photos he took looked halfway decent. I’m weighing trying a pack of the b/w film in the SX-70 and letting that be the deciding factor on whether I keep my camera or not.


  3. TBM3FAN says:

    I had one of these handed to me last summer. Neighbor, across the street, saw me outside checking the meters of several cameras and she asked if I collect cameras. I said yes and she went into the house to get some her parents had. Little did I know they were Polaroids: SX-70, Automatic 250, and Autofocus 660. I thought she might have something like 35mm rangefinders. I took the Polaroids, so as not to disappoint her, but in the end what are you going to do with them today. They were unique in their day but not really a good value for film photography cost per photo.


    • Instant photography has always been expensive, no doubt. I remember getting my first Polaroid camera for Christmas in 1976 and being shocked at the $1-per-frame cost of the film. Gak!


  4. Kurt Ingham says:

    The film has improved a lot recently. I like it better than the original, but it is very slow to develop. As you say, not match for packfilm..


  5. analogphotobug says:

    What fun it was to paste those stamps ito the little booklet and go to the shop to pick up whatever it was you’d been planning on. Thanks for the memory!

    My Father always owned Polaroids and one of my Aunt was also a fan. She had an SX-70. But my mother made the mistake of buying the Kodak Rip-off. Eventually Kodak was forced to discontinue it. Never liked the pictures.


    • I had one of the Kodak instant cameras when I was a kid. I liked it, although I shot just one pack in it because the film was so terribly expensive. Here’s the one shot from that pack that has survived. I was maybe 13 and one of the neighborhood kids took the picture, as I’m in it.

      Kodak instant print, 1982


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