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I’ve extensively updated my review of a classic twin-lens-reflex camera, the Yashica-12.

This wonderful box offers a pair of 80mm Yashinon lenses that do great work. Although this camera is heavy and a little unwieldy to carry, its controls all work with jeweled precision and are a delight. Read my updated review here.


Updated review: Yashica-12


7 thoughts on “Updated review: Yashica-12

      • bodegabayf2 says:

        Yes, I had a Rolleicord that I used only a few times before someone offered me more than I paid for it, so it wasn’t in the arsenal long enough for me to do a proper evaluation.


  1. Dave Jenkins says:

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison, as the saying goes. As a long-time TLR user, I think they are perfect walking-around cameras. If you will weigh them both, I think you will find the Yahica doesn’t weigh any more than your Nikon F2.


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