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Is it spring yet?

💻 Dr. Alfred Prunesquallor, an MD who does long stints treating patients in Africa, came upon two leopards recently and has the photos to prove it. Read Mother and daughter

Abandoned US 36
Kodak EasyShare Z730, 2007.

💻 Carl Fisher was not only an early developer of highways, but also of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I’ve written here about Fisher’s highways, the Dixie Highway and the Lincoln Highway, many times. Richard Simpson tells Fisher’s story in brief. Read Carl Graham Fisher

📷 Many film photographers have been apoplectic over Fujifilm’s announced price hike on their films. EM at EMULSIVE wrote a startlingly good analysis this week of why Fujifilm’s behavior is actually smart business, and how we should all get over ourselves. Read Fujifilm: put down your pitchforks, it’s survival of the fittest

📷 Almost all twin-lens reflex cameras take medium-format film — except for the Agfa Flexilette, which takes 35mm film. It’s a strange little machine. Thomas Merk reviews one for 35mmc. Read When a Silette Meets a Rolleiflex: the Agfa Flexilette, a 35mm TLR


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  1. eppaar Avatar

    Actually there was more than one TLR 35mm camera. Agfa also made the Opitima Reflex which used a pentaprism for eye level viewing. Bosley made the C & C22 which have a standard rangefinder in addition to the waist level TLR finder. The Yashica 635 could be converted to 35mm with an optional kit. These cameras are part of my collection filed under WHY???.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      You have an encyclopedic knowledge of old gear! This was the first 35mm TLR I’d ever seen.

  2. eppaar Avatar

    It is no so much knowledge as remembrance as these cameras were made when I was in my late teen’s and early twenty’s.

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