The old barn in the city

The old barn in the city
Nikon F2AS, 35mm f/2.8 AI Nikkor
Foma Fomapan 100

Every time I’ve used it, Fomapan 100 has been good enough as a general-purpose black-and-white film. On bright days I underexpose it a little to avoid blown highlights. But in even light, it really delivers.

I remember the farms of Pike Township in Indianapolis. Some of them, anyway; by the time I moved there in 1994 many farms had already given way to suburban subdivisions.

I used to go to church with a fellow who grew up near this old barn, and he spoke of being able to stand by this barn and see nothing but farmland for miles.

You’ll still find farmland here and there in Pike Township, if you know where to look. But from anywhere you might stand there, you’re far more likely to see rows of vinyl-sided homes or low light-industrial buildings today.

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4 responses to “single frame: The old barn in the city”

  1. J P Avatar

    That barn looks quite a bit older than most of the old barns that dot Indiana.

    I had the same experience as your friend when one day around 1986 I took an exit from I-69 at 96th street to pull into this little gas station that was the sole evidence of civilization in a sea of farm fields. I wondered if anything else would ever be built there.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I remember my earliest trips to Indianapolis, heading south on US 31, in the early-mid 80s. There was the light at Sherell’s Eat Here and Get Gas, and then the light at SR 32 in Westfield (where there was the World’s Largest (and Dirtiest) Dairy Queen, and then the split off of SR 431 (which we now know as Keystone Parkway), and then there was the light at 96th St. There was a whole lot of nothing in between.

  2. Forrest Johnson Avatar
    Forrest Johnson

    The old barn is still there but the house in front on the corner has been torn down.  I wish they would paint it as it has a few accents on it that would look good. Just like they have painted the older houses in New Agusta.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I wish I’d photographed that house, now that I know it’s gone! Thanks for letting me know.

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