Updated reviews: Nikon FA and Nikon N60

I’m still freshening my film-camera reviews (and will be for some time; I’ve written 121 of them). I now come to two Nikon 35mm SLRs that couldn’t be more different from each other.

The Nikon FA was a remarkable technological achievement for Nikon, and a darn fine camera to use. See my updated review here.

Nikon FA

The Nikon N60 is an entry-level SLR, but with good Nikon glass attached it can take wonderful photographs all day. See the review here.

Nikon N60


9 responses to “Updated reviews: Nikon FA and Nikon N60”

  1. Stuart Templeton Avatar

    A couple of great reviews Jim, and nice ot see them in the same post – you couldn’t get more poles apart than those. I’ve never actually used a Nikon SLR but it’s on my to do list – hopefully. The thing is I’m willing to bet if I had those two the N60 would get more use. When you’re out and about with the kids – AF/AE makes life so much easier, no matter how much I love manual cameras.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks Stuart! The N60 was a real surprise to me when I shot it. Just so much fun. I sold it a couple years ago though as I had an N65 and an N90s. The N90s is the only one to survive. It’s heavier than the N60 which is a downside but it’s a very capable camera and much more robustly built than the N60.

      1. Stuart Templeton Avatar

        The N90 looks like a great camera too – much like the EOS 50e I use.

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          I really like my N90s. They go for peanuts on eBay right now.


          1. Stuart Templeton Avatar

            Some great shots on those tags!
            How heavy is it though really? As I said, I use my EOS 50 with grip attached (so I can run it off AAs) a lot and it still feels a lighter than my 40D body on it’s own.

            1. Jim Grey Avatar

              The N90s is 26.6 oz w/o batteries or lens according to Nikon. The N60 is 20.6 oz no battery/lens. So not much more.

              1. Stuart Templeton Avatar

                Sometimes I quite like that extra weight.

  2. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    Once you complete refreshing 100+ camera reviews, an interesting post would be…”What I Learned After Refreshing 100+ Camera Reviews.” :-)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      One thing I’ve learned already is that for the first five years I reviewed cameras, my skill at framing subjects was terrible. Also, the tools I had then to post-process my work were not very good, and I’m making some of those old photos much better in Photoshop now.

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