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It sure was cold all week! Fe-brrrrrr-ary! Warm up with these best blog posts from around the Internet this week.

💻 The President of the United States didn’t have an official photographer until the Kennedy Administration. That first photographer was Cecil Stoughton. Writing for KEH Spotlight, Luca Eandi profiles him. Read The First Official White House Photographer: Cecil W. Stoughton

Model T truck
Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom, 2007.

💻 Here are some terrific photos of families coming to a community clinic in Zambia, by Dr. Alfred Prunesquallor (a pseudonym, if it wasn’t obvious). Read Community Child Clinics

💻 In my line of work (software development) there’s a lot of talk about being passionate about what you do. Seth Godin adds a good dimension to that idea: that rather than having a passion and finding something to do with it, instead find something to do and through engaging with it, become passionate about it. Read Work before passion

📷 Mike Eckman not only reviews the Zeiss-Ikon Box Tengor (arguably the sturdiest box camera ever made), he tells its complete history. Read Zeiss-Ikon Box Tengor


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  1. Jan Caloia says:

    Jim, Great photo of a 1928 or ‘29 Ford Model A—not a Model T. Just thought I’d clarify that for you.

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