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I’m continuing to look through my most popular camera reviews of last year and refresh each one of them. Once again, I’ve updated a pair of cameras that couldn’t be more different — except they both take 35mm film.

The first is the Nikon 8008, an outstanding auto-everything SLR. It’s a solid performer. Read about it here.

Nikon N8008

The second is a junk-store camera, the Kodak VR35 K40. But don’t underestimate it. Its lens may be a little soft, but it is easy to use and a solid performer otherwise. See the updated review here.

Kodak VR35 K40

Updated reviews: Nikon N8008 and Kodak VR35 K40


8 thoughts on “Updated reviews: Nikon N8008 and Kodak VR35 K40

  1. jon campo says:

    I have a similar Kodak, it takes shocking good pictures and the “Ektar” lens is really really sharp. Go figure.

  2. One of my photographer friends back in Phoenix used Nikon 8008 bodies exclusively during the film days in his very successful wedding photography business. He swore by those cameras…and made a nice living with them too.

  3. Theron says:

    N8008s was the only SLR I ever bought new, and the only one that ever died on me for absolutely no good reason. But I like my 85mm 1.8 AF-D lens so much, I bought another body second hand for less than what sales tax was on the first one.

    When I screwed it to a tripod, I made some of my best images ever. Walking around with it on a strap, I had a tendency to just burn through a lot of film!

  4. I really like this series of cameras.They just feel right in the hand. All the buttons are in the right place. With a 50mm f2 ai lens , perfect! I just need a 401s and 401x to complete the set

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