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💻 I’m waiting for the day the government wakes from its deep slumber and realizes it should have broken up Amazon long ago. Nick Gerlich notes how Amazon now controls (owns) most of its own shipping, and it’s central to their ongoing business strategy. Read Whatever Floats Your Boat

Fulton County Courthouse
Canon PowerShot S95, 2018.

💻 Americans who were around when the Chevrolet Corvair was new have mixed memories of that rear-engined compact car. But it sparked a worldwide design revolution. Paul Niedermeyer, writing for Curbside Classic, tells the story. Read Automotive History: How the 1960 Corvair Started A Global Design Revolution

📷 Ashley Pomeroy reviews a pinhole camera by first writing about the Italian film industry of the 1960s. It’s not related in any way but it’s interesting nevertheless. Read RealitySoSubtle 6×6 Pinhole Camera

📷 Ming Thien did some very nice nighttime photography around Hong Kong. Have a look. Read Photoessay: nocturnal impressions of Hong Kong

📷 Did you know Canon made one autofocus camera on its FD mount? Chris Cushing, writing for Casual Photophile, found one and put it through its paces for us. Read Canon T80 Review – A Canon Fan Shoots Canon’s First Autofocus SLR


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