Route 66 Marker

You’ll find this “Route 66 Historic Route Begins” sign on Adams St. at Wabash Ave. in Chicago — one block away from where the route actually begins, at Michigan Ave.

A smaller, standard brown Historic Route sign marking Route 66’s actual beginning is bolted to a pole right at Adams and Michigan. I thought I had a photograph of it, but alas. This page has several. The official End Route 66 sign is one block away, on Jackson Blvd., as Adams is one way west and Jackson is one way east.

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Sort of the beginning of Route 66



7 thoughts on “Sort of the beginning of Route 66

  1. DougD says:

    Sort of, that’s kind of funny.

    Friend of mine did Route 66 in his 56 Chevy a few years back. Sounds like a good vacation / photo assignment for you in your future interesting vehicle.

    • My sons and I did 66 from Joliet to almost the Texas line in 2013. Click the Route 66 tag in the post to see everything I’ve written about the Mother Road!

  2. TBM3FAN says:

    Funny I see this today. A fellow was in my office today who I have known awhile. In talking it came out that his brother had just bought a new Lincoln and the two drove out to Chicago via a northern route and then took Route 66 all the way back to Los Angeles. Tricky through the Mojave Desert as it appears and disappears along side US 15 between Baker and Barstow.

    • It’s much the same in a few other states, where the Mother Road parallels an Interstate but occasionally the only way to connect to the road again is to drive the Interstate for a while.

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