View from a 15th-floor hotel window

View from the hotel window
Nikon F3, 35mm f/2.8 AI Nikkor
Kodak T-Max P3200

I just love how much definition the T-Max P3200 delivered at night through our Chicago hotel window. Just look at the cars in the glowing parking garage! They’re so clear you can almost tell what make and model some of them are.

If you’re looking at this on a computer monitor rather than on your phone or tablet, you can see how even at this larger size the considerable grain doesn’t detract at all from the image.

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single frame: View from the hotel window



12 thoughts on “single frame: View from the hotel window

      • Thanks! So probably something like HC-110. I shot the last roll I tried at 3200 and developed it in Rodinal (1+50) as if it was a two stop push. The grain was much more pronounced than in your photo. I think I might buy another 36-exposure roll, load it into two cassettes, and develop one in Rodinal (1+100) stand and the other in Ilfotec DD-X per Ilford’s recommendation.

  1. Christopher May says:


    What ISO did you shoot the P3200 at?

    The grain is very appealing. There’s an aesthetic that really works for your Chicago shots that you utilized very well.

    • Thanks for your compliment — truth is, this was the first time I shot this film and had no idea of its characteristics. I was very lucky to get these results

  2. analogphotobug says:

    Howdy! You’ve reminded me how much I miss living in the Midwest. I grew up in Cincinnati and spent 4 years in Chicago. I’m just a MId-western Gal!

    I brought some Ilford 3200 with me to Phoenix, but haven’t been out at night to do photography. Waiting for those longer spring evenings and rides in the Mountains…..

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